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About New Orleans

If you wish to explore the vibrant city of New Orleans and don’t know how to plan your visit, booking a New Orleans City Pass is a great start. Located in Louisiana, US, New Orleans is one of the most happening yet underrated cities in the States. Renowned as a melting pot of various cultures, the city is popular among tourists for its lively musical culture, happening nightlife, innumerable festivals, stunning architecture, and mouthwatering Creole and Cajun food.With diverse heritage and fun cultural traditions, New Orleans has a friendly vibe and attracts tourists with its out-of-the-box sightseeing tours. From cruising on the Mississippi and grooving to jazz music to strolling through museums that showcase stunning artworks and the city’s history, there is something to experience and enjoy for visitors of all age groups. And if you are an adventurer at heart looking for thrills that a city cannot offer, New Orleans will blow your mind with its unique treasure hunts, ghost and vampire walking tours, as well as ziplining experiences through a swampy forest.From mild weather conditions to affordable transport and hotel stays, New Orleans is ideal for all kinds of travellers. Experience the lively spirit and unique blend of cultural traditions as you embark on an all-encompassing tour of one of America’s best cities in New Orleans.

Cruising Experience in New Orleans

Purchasing your ticket packages for that much-awaited New Orleans vacation is easier when done online. From booking the experiences in advance and ensuring their availability on your preferred day to enjoying hassle-free ticket purchases and huge discounts from the comfort of your home, the benefits of advance booking are numerous. Choose from cruising packages that match your vibe, ranging from the Evening Jazz Cruise, Creole Queen History Cruise, Sunday Jazz Cruise, and Morning Jazz Cruise.The Mississippi River is central to the New Orleans aesthetic, and there’s no better New Orleans City Pass than the one that offers you cruising experiences in the city. From foot-tapping jazz music to groove on to relishing sumptuous locally-produced meals, New Orleans cruises are a class apart in their hospitality and facilities on offer.

Museums in New Orleans

New Orleans has a lot to offer, which visitors can experience by booking their New Orleans Day Pass in advance online. Choose your preferred experiences and plan your trip accordingly as you scroll and book discounted tickets and exclusive combo deals from the ease of your home. Included in packages are The National WWII Museum, Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World, New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Historic New Orleans Collection, Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture, Backstreet Cultural Museum, and Ogden Museum of Southern Art.Explore the city’s iconic museums and learn about its history with New Orleans City Pass. From exploring the epic Mardi Gras celebrations to witnessing stunning works of art, the city museums offer unique experiences for all kinds of visitors.

Best Sightseeing Tours in New Orleans

Book the New Orleans Sightseeing Pass online for an unusual sightseeing experience which showcases the exciting, fun side of New Orleans you’ve seen in movies. Avail of heavy discounts and save time as you book tickets prior to your visit to the city. Choose from packages like the Zipline Swamp Tour, Oak Alley Plantation Tour, Destrehan Plantation Tour, Cemetery Bus Tour at Dark, Ghost BYOB Bus Tour, Vampires Walking Tour, Laura Creole Plantation Tour, and the New Orleans Food Tour. From strolling through the numerous plantations that transport you to pre-modern New Orleans to jumping into the spookier parts of the city to live your fictional fantasies, New Orleans Sightseeing Pass tours cater to the wild, adventurous tastes of tourists.

Other Experiences in New Orleans

Book some classic treasure hunts in New Orleans in advance online to indulge in a different side of the bustling city. Save time by purchasing them before you step foot in the city and also save a few bucks by getting good discounts and amazing package deals. The most sought-after tours include the Interactive Scavenger Hunt, City Park Exploration Game, Ghost Hunt Exploration Game, and the Historic French Quarter Exploration Game. Walk through the vibrant yet compact city with your New Orleans Tourist Pass to witness its iconic landmarks and figure out clues to solve challenges as you embark on treasure hunts and play to win. Designed to tease your brains, the treasure hunts with New Orleans Pass are much popular among tourists of all ages.

Plan Your Visit to New Orleans

How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
How to Get Around New Orleans
Dos and Don’ts in New Orleans
Other Essential Information
  • Location: Located in Louisiana, USA, New Orleans is among the most popular tourist destinations in the States and is accessible by air, bus, and train.

  • How to Reach:

  • By Air: The nearest airport to New Orleans is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. It is well-connected to domestic cities like Chicago and New York and international destinations like Toronto and Panama City by numerous airlines.

  • By Bus: The main bus stop for inter-state buses is the Union Passenger Terminal. New Orleans is well-connected by interstates and state highways of the US Road Network to locations all over the country like Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio and so on.

  • By Train: The rail routes City of New Orleans, Crescent, and Sunset Limited connect New Orleans to the rest of the United States. Connected via Amtrak, the central depot is the Union Passenger Terminal.

The best time to visit New Orleans is in the spring months of February to May. With pleasant weather conditions and numerous celebratory events being held, New Orleans draws the maximum number of tourists during the spring season every year.

  • The most popular ways of getting around New Orleans are by public transportation and by foot.

  • By Public Transportation: Streetcars are a fun way to traverse the city, while buses offer more extensive coverage of the city. If you plan to use public transport regularly, purchase a Jazzy Pass for unlimited bus, streetcar, and ferry rides.

  • On Foot: Compact neighbourhoods and quality walking tours with New Orleans City Pass make getting around the city on foot a popular choice.

  • By Bike: Rent or share a bike, or participate in biking tours to navigate through New Orleans. However, avoid cycling in the high summer temperatures.

  • By Taxi: The best option to explore the city at night, taxis can be hired from local taxi companies and apps like Uber and Lyft.

  • By Car: While car rentals are available in the city, it is not a recommended method of getting around in New Orleans due to its narrow streets, varying parking restrictions, and one-way roads.

  • Do savour the diverse food palette of New Orleans with New Orleans Pass. From varied cuisines to spicy and rich local dishes, you would need to book a food tour to try it all. And remember to head to the historic Café du Monde for its iconic coffee.

  • Do embark on a ghost tour with your New Orleans Tourist Pass and indulge in spooky activities like visiting voodoo shops and vampire boutiques.

  • Do experience the nightlife of Frenchmen Street which includes live music venues and bars.

  • Do explore the magnificent architecture of the French Quarter and Garden District.

  • Do witness the stunning Mississippi River from Jackson Square, which also offers bewitching views of St Louis Cathedral.

  • Don’t spend an entire night on Bourbon Street, rather visit in the early evenings before the crowd goes unruly.

  • Don’t spend an entire day in the sun during the summers as it gets very hot and humid.

  • Don’t fall for random palm-reading activities.

  • Don’t eat spicy food, which is found everywhere in the city, if you cannot tolerate the heat.

  • Don’t visit Café du Monde in the mornings, rather visit at night for a peaceful experience.

- Weather: New Orleans has a humid subtropical climate, which means it experiences mild winters and warm summers. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the city as the weather conditions are pleasant in those months.

- Time Zone: New Orleans is located in the Central Time Zone.

- Currency: The acceptable currency in New Orleans is the US Dollar.

- Budget: New Orleans is among the most affordable cities in the US, and it is recommended that you plan to spend $191 per day on average for your vacation.

FAQ's of New Orleans

How to book New Orleans attraction tickets?

It is highly recommended that you book your New Orleans Day Pass online in advance from us. This would help you plan your trip in a way that allows you to explore the city’s major highlights as well as save your time and money. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our instant confirmation on tickets and easy refund policies. Get massive discounts and exclusive combo deals from the ease of your home as you book your tickets from us.

Why should you book New Orleans attraction tickets online?

Booking New Orleans City Pass online is the most popular method of planning a tour itinerary which allows tourists to save time and money. Book tickets from the comfort of your home and plan a trip at your convenience. Save money by availing of great discounts and exclusive deals on attraction tickets as well as ensuring you have guaranteed access to your chosen attractions.

How much does a New Orleans trip cost?

A New Orleans trip is quite affordable, and it is recommended that you plan on spending an average of $191 per day during your vacation in the city. While costs may vary for different tourists, it is advised that you book accommodations and purchase tour packages after thorough research to ensure you stick to your decided budget.

How many days are enough for the New Orleans trip?

It is recommended that you plan a trip that lasts around four to five days. The number of days is ideal for you to cover all the major attractions of the city with the New Orleans Pass, enjoy the culture and nightlife, as well as savour its famous food and entertaining events.

What are the travel tips for visiting New Orleans?

  • Plan and divide your time according to the attractions you wish to explore in the city. Some tourist hotspots like French Quarter and Bourbon Street might take more time, so to ensure you don’t miss out, plan your itinerary well.

  • Parking spaces are hard to find in New Orleans. It is recommended that you walk instead of opting for car rentals in the city.

  • Do savour the diverse food palette of the city. From varied cuisines to spicy and rich local dishes, you would need to book a food tour to try it all. And remember to head to the historic Café du Monde for its iconic coffee and Bourbon Street for some classic drinks.

While visiting New Orleans should I rent a car?

No, it is advised that you don’t rent a car while travelling around New Orleans. While car rentals are easily available in the city, narrow streets, one-way roads, and differing parking restrictions in various parts of the city mean trouble for drivers. To ensure you have a relaxed trip with your New Orleans Day Pass, it is recommended that you use public transportation or navigate by foot.

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