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Boating through the swampland of New Orleans lets you witness the stunning and rare flora and fauna of America. Surrounding the city of New Orleans, the swamps are among the best attractions of Southern Louisiana. People come in masses to be a part of New Orleans swamp tours every year. One part of the boat is fully air-conditioned while another remaining place is for open-air sightseeing. The journey transverses you through the enchanting Mississippi River and Barataria Preserve from the French Quarters. The area holds historical significance as it held French and Spanish colonies of America around the time of the Civil War. You get to witness the Oak Alley Plantation and guess about the life of the people residing there.

Visitors get to see sites like a mansion with antebellum interiors, a traditional fishing village, a cajun cemetery, and an Indian burial mound. Amidst the forested wetlands, you can understand the history, folklore and traditions of the Cajun people from the native guide while witnessing captivating views. Amidst the damp waters, with swamp tours New Orleans gives you a chance to have close encounters with alligators, snakes, raccoons, egrets, turtles, giant nutria, native birds, and many more creatures. You can add on experiences like zipline, and walking tours with the boat ride.

Book Swamp Tours New Orleans Online

Booking tickets for swamp tour New Orleans is a great way to experience the enchanting boat ride via the wetlands of Louisiana. Owing to the popularity of swamp boat rides, the tickets frequently get sold out weeks before the activity. You might not get the tickets for exploring the wetlands which might ruin your traveling plans. To save yourself from any such inconvenience, the online booking system lets you book tickets in advance. You can get tickets in the comfort of your home, within a few clicks. Besides the ease of booking, you can choose from various combo and discounted tickets to make your American travel pocket-friendly.

Why to Book Swamp Tours, New Orleans

  • Experience: The tickets let you experience the beauty of swampland and its facts through the passionate and knowledgeable captains in the best swamp tour New Orleans with utmost safety. Whether you book a small boat or a pontoon tour, your delightful and exciting experience remains the same. The friendly guides on the tour explain everything about the swamps of Louisiana and the glorious flora and fauna.

  • Wildlife: Living in the unique ecosystem of Southern Louisiana, the backwater wildlife amazes you with its presence in swamp tours New Orleans. 200 unique species of birds, with the stars of the show-the Alligators, show up when you ride the boat. You can meet pigs, raccoons, egrets, turtles, giant nutria, etc amidst the waters.

  • Availability: The tickets for swamp boat tours typically sell out weeks before the start. You must make sure to book yours in advance to gain exclusive access to the boat. With early entry, you may avoid all the chances of any last-minute hassle at the entry point.

Tickets Options Available for Swamp Tours New Orleans

Swamp and Bayou Sightseeing Boat Tour With Transportation From New Orleans

Board a fully air-conditioned and open-sided boat to witness the cityscape change into an exotic wetland. Start the round-trip from the Mississippi River, pass by Barataria Preserve, and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve to reach the French Quarter back. Explore the swamps and bayous of New New Orleans in a sightseeing boat. As you ride in the fantastic boat, have a look at the flora and fauna of Louisiana. Catch a glimpse of alligators, snakes, raccoons, egrets, turtles, giant nutria, native birds, etc. Explore Cajun and listen to stories and folklore revolving around swamps and bayous.

New Orleans Swamp Tour Boat Adventure

Embark on a 2-hour journey across the mysterious swamp and wetlands of New Orleans with a professional guide. Transverse through the boat with cushioned seats, roof, windows, and room for sitting and standing. The Mississippi River lets you have close encounters with infamous alligators and snakes of the region. Learn about fascinating facts and stories throughout the boat ride. Cruise past culturally significant places like the traditional fishing village, cajun cemetery, and an Indian burial mound. Witness the breathtaking views of beautiful waters and the enchanting flora and fauna.

90-Minute Jean Lafitte Swamp and Bayou Tour

Get on the boat at the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour from Leo Kerner Lafitte parkway. Sail across the National Historical Park and Reserve with a native guide through the shady bayous. Learn about the ecosystem of Southern Louisiana as you cruise the enchanting cypress trees. Get a chance to witness alligators, snakes, egrets, and whatnot! The 1 hour 30 minutes round trip ends for you to eat a scrumptious lunch at Restaurant Des Families.

Swamp Boat Ride and Oak Alley Plantation Tour From New Orleans

Enjoy a full-day combo tour of exploring the swamps of New Orleans and Oak Alley Plantation. Start your tour with an exploration of Oak Alley Plantation and visit a historical mansion in the style of antebellum architecture. Transverse through oak-covered paths to witness the blacksmith shop. Have lunch in the restaurant at the plantation and embark on a swamp tour New Orleans. Ride the airboat across the Bataria Preserve at high speed and have close encounters with the fauna of the region. Return at 05:00 PM at the hotel post enjoyment and fun.

Various Types of Swamp Tours New Orleans

Swamp Boat

One of the most common ways to tour the swamps of Louisiana is by boarding a swamp boat. The ride is perfect for small groups with children, teens, tweens, small groups, friends, and couples as it can accommodate 20 passengers onboard. The boat is air-conditioned and open-sided with the capability of taking you through moss-draped trees and letting you witness flora and fauna.

Airboat Tours

Airboats are a faster version of Swamp boat tour New Orleans. The thrilling ride makes you hold on tight as the boat moves at the rapid speed of 35 mph across the wetlands. The boat can accommodate small groups, mostly boarded by a group of friends. The high-speed experience lets you witness alligators, and snakes amidst the waters of Louisiana.


If your heart belongs to the adventure, you can try kayaking in the wetlands of Louisiana. You can paddle with your partner through the swamps while having a chance of safe encounters with alligators, snakes, turtles, and many other magnificent beings. You can kayak with a native guide learning about the history and significance of the area, and its flora and fauna.


Aerial swamp tours are a new and exciting way to witness the wetlands of Louisiana. You can start from the New Orleans’s French Quarter and transverse through the Mississippi River. The tour presents you with a glimpse of alligators, snakes, raccoons, egrets, turtles, giant nutria, native birds, etc and ends at Lafitte in Los Angeles.


While the swamp boat tour New Orleans rides are an exciting way to explore the wetlands of Southern Louisiana but nothing beats the charm of exploration by walking! You can walk on a self-guided tour from Jean Lafitte National Park to witness the flora of the wetlands closely. The tour lets you meet some bizarre insects and tree climbers as you explore the region.


Swamp NOLA is a great combination of adventure and sightseeing across the swamps of Southern Louisiana. Located 45 minutes away from downtown New Orleans, you can start a zipline to witness panoramic views of the captivating swampland and its flora. The views include the charm of the New Orleans skyline encompassing Lake Pontchartrain and Frenier Village.

Know Before You Book Swamp Tours New Orleans

Essential Information
  • Best Time

Although you can enjoy the best swamp tour New Orleans all year round, the best time for hopping on a boat is during Autumn. During fall, the weather is cooler, mosquitoes are less and most animals come out of their hibernation states to roam about, compared to summer.

  • What to wear:

Owing to the hotness and humidity of the place, you must wear comfortable, light, cotton clothing like T-shirts, and shorts.

  • Activity Duration:

The New Orleans swamp tours typically last up to 2 hours

  • Animals to spot:

You can witness many magnificent animals like alligators, raccoons, boars, egrets, herons, turtles, snakes, deers, otters, minks, nutria, and many native birds.

  • Bring a raincoat in case of a sudden downpour.

  • Take a waterproof bag to cover your electronic items from rain.

  • Don’t bring expensive jewelry as it might get lost.

  • Carry bug spray to safeguard yourself.

  • Pack a light jacket if you choose the airboat tour.

  • Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats as the sun shines brightly.

  • Stay hydrated throughout the journey.

  • Hold on tight and stay careful near the edge of the boat, if you are traveling on an airboat ride.

  • Enjoy exploring the wetlands of Southern Louisiana on an enchanting 2 hours boat ride.

  • Witness the enchanting flora and fauna of the swamps of New Orleans.

  • Embark on a boat journey through the Mississippi River.

  • Catch a glimpse of alligators, raccoons, snakes, egrets, and many more interesting animals in the swamp.

  • Explore the Oak Alley Plantation area and the historic antebellum architecture mansion.

  • Transverse through shady bayous and cypress trees on the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour.

  • Experience the Cajun hospitality and try out their amazing Cajun cuisine.

  • Witness the history of the Civil War near the traditional fishing village, cajun cemetery, and an Indian burial mound.

FAQ's Of Swamp Tours New Orleans

What do you see on a New Orleans Swamp Tours?

There are many animals to witness on the New Orleans swamp tours like snakes, alligators, boars, raccoons, egrets, herons, turtles, deers, otters, minks, nutria, and many native birds.

How long is a swamp tour in New Orleans?

The Swamp Tour New Orleans is approximately 2 hours long. The guided tour explains to you about the best parts of the route, and the history of the swamps. Your guides brief you about each animal you cross paths with.

How far is the swamp from New Orleans?

The distance between Swamps and New Orleans is 27 miles. The guided tour starts from the French quarter and takes you all across the natural reserve, old plantation area, and various other attractions of the route.

What to wear and bring for New Orleans Swamp Tours?

You must wear comfortable, light, cotton clothing like T-shirts, and shorts. To enhance the experience of the best swamp tour New Orleans, you must bring water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and bug spray for protection.

What are the things to keep in mind while going for swamp tours in New Orleans?

You must keep some important things in mind to carry protection from sun, raincoat and bug sprays. The area is hot and humid enough to witness direct sun following the frequent rainfalls. Hence, you should carry sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, and raincoat. You must carry the bug spray to protect yourself from insects of the swampland.

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