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About Audubon Aquarium Tickets

Audubon Aquarium is one the most fascinating aquariums to house 15,000 aqua lives in America. Situated across the Mississippi River of New Orleans, the aquarium is a state-of-art facility with many exhibits containing 600 different species of marine creatures. You can start your exploration with Audubon Aquarium Tickets by moving through the 30 ft long Caribbean Reef Tunnel with clear views of the aqua reefs and animals. The Seahorses galley presents you with the looks of the enchanting seahorses gliding through the underwater grass.

You can explore the Gulf of Mexico exhibit encompassing half million-gallon water housing fully grown sharks, and endangered animals like sea otters, penguins, and neon-coloured frogs. The aquarium nourishes endangered animals like white alligators- the Star of the show! The next exhibit you can enter through Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Tickets is the Amazon Rainforest to come face to face with anaconda snakes and poisonous frogs. After witnessing the magnificent ones at the rainforest exhibit, you can enter the Shark Pool to touch a baby shark! Audubon Aquarium offers you many activities like snorkeling. To understand aquatic life better, the aquarium lets children as young as the age of 8 to enjoy snorkeling with the instructor. Apart from the adventure, you can teleport back to an exhibit mimicking the submerged city of Maya. Furthermore, the most popular thing to experience in Audubon Aquarium is the 360 VR experience!

Best Deals for Audubon Aquarium Tickets Online

Booking Audubon Aquarium Tickets online is the best way to grab your spot in the aqua delight! Owing to the popularity of the aquarium, the ticket counters witness large crowds. Within minutes, the tickets to the aquarium get sold out, weeks before the start. To ensure your fun at America's most interesting aquarium, you must book the ticket through the website. The online booking system lets you choose the date and time of your visit. You can choose from a variety of combos and discounts on ticket prices to make your trip cost-effective. As soon as you book, you get a confirmation email and the relevant information.

Why Should You Book Audubon Aquarium Tickets Online?

  • Book Your Tickets in Advance: Booking online New Orleans aquarium tickets online saves you from standing in long queues at the ticket counters. Holding the position of being the most popular aquarium in New Orleans, tickets frequently get sold out. It is nearly impossible to get the tickets from the venue as it is super crowded at the counters. The online booking systems let you escape those long lines and book tickets weeks before your visit.

  • Convenience/ Ease: The online booking system lets you book the tickets without being physically present at the ticket counters. You can book Audubon Aquarium Tickets any time from anywhere, whether in the comfort of your home or on your busiest day. Booking tickets online is so convenient that you can complete it within a few clicks to get a confirmation message.

  • Best Deals and discounts: Buying tickets for visiting Audubon Aquarium in advance would save you from any sort of last-minute hassle at the venue. With the tickets, you gain early access to the aquarium. You won’t have to wait for your entry in the long queues of people buying entry tickets. Arriving early would let you have fun and explore the aquarium fully.

Things to Experience Inside Audubon Aquarium Tickets


The jelly gallery in Audubon Aquarium houses the most vibrant and glowing jellies in specially designed 8 exhibits known as the “Kreisel's”. The circular water exhibit possesses no corner for the jellies to be at the center. These jellies spend their entire day in open water and bang around each other on the corners as they play all together.


The Penguin panorama exhibit lets you witness the colony of enchanting penguins living peacefully in the museum. The Audubon Aquarium Tickets let you witness the beautiful creatures jumping, and climbing in their rocky exhibit. You can witness penguin couples living in pure love for you to check out their partnership.

Amazon Rainforest

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Tickets take you straight to the heart of Amazon-Orinoco Rainforests amidst New Orleans! The dry season forest invites you to indulge in the activity of tree top loop where you witness the panoramic views of the Amazon Rainforest. You can find a variety of Native birds, and fishes like the infamous Piranhas.


You can visit the captivating seahorse gallery for meeting and greet the vibrant seahorses. The gallery makes you witness the seahorses and sea dragons living peacefully in their natural habitat. You can witness the rare trait of these animals where males give birth to offspring. Apart from the magnificent seahorse species, and sea dragons, you can witness exotic pipefish.

Activities To Experience in Audubon AquariumAquarium Plaza Bricks

Shark Discovery

You can discover the powerful sharks and their unique species in the Shark Discovery Exhibit. The 13,000-gallon shark touch pool measures around 60 ft x 16 ft. The huge interactive LED screen runs throughout the 60 ft length of the pool. It houses white bamboo shark, coral cat shock, epaulet shark, southern stingray, bullnose ray, cow nose stingray and many more species of sharks and rays. A few of the sharks amongst these are endangered as the aquarium protects and caresses them.

Maya Snorkel Adventure

The undersea explorer VR experience is the most exciting and safe thing to do in Audubon Aquarium. As you sit on your seat to close your eyes with a VR device, you can witness the beauty of the depths of the Southern Pacific Ocean. The 360-degree immersive experience makes you transverse through the deep waters with a realistic ocean floor. A microbiologist lets you indulge in a knowledgeable cum thrilling activity with humpback whales, mother humpbacks, and a 15 ft tiger shark in the Bahamas.

Underseas Explorer VR experience

Have close encounters with 30 species of Marine Life including cownose rays, and numerous tropical fish. You can explore the Great Maya Reef habitat through New Orleans Aquarium Tickets with the experts. The adventure lets you understand the aquarium’s efforts and support life by reefs. Each snorkel experience is limited to 4 visitors per session with an instructor. If you plan to take your kid, your child must be older than 8 years of age.

Great Maya Reef

The 4200 sq ft Great Maya Reef region of the Aquarium takes you on a tour of the submerged Maya city of the Yucatan Peninsula. The tour starts as soon as you enter the 30 ft long tunnel into the ancient ruins of Maya city with magnificent creatures. The replica of the underwater city complex features caves and sculptures. The city of the metropolis showcases sunken artifacts, and the biggest treasures lost underwater. The city features yellowtail snapper, spiny lobsters, lionfish, moray eels, and many more.

Aquarium Plaza Bricks

The Plaza brick is a unique and cool game to play in Audubon Aquarium with hundreds of bricks floored on the ground altogether. The bricks are engraved with names and are separated by gray color blocks with some equally divided regions named as per the combination of numbers and alphabet. The game requires you to find the brick of any name you can think of. This ignites curiosity to find the brick and turns it into fun when you actually locate it. You can check on the Audubon aquarium’s official website and try to locate yours in advance.

Adopt an Animal

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Tickets lets you adopt a marvelous marine animal from the aquarium. The world-class exhibits, world-class quality, and nourishing activities take utmost care of the animals. The process of animal adoption helps the aquarium care for about 15,000+ animals like fishes, invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles.

Know Before You Book Audubon Aquarium Tickets

How to Reach
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Timing: The Audubon Aquarium is open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 AM to 05:00 PM. It is open on some summer, spring, and holiday Mondays at the same time.

  • Best Time to Visit: If you have New Orleans Aquarium Tickets, the best time to visit Audubon Aquarium is during the low season from September to January on weekdays after 02:30 PM. This is because low season and weekdays witness the least crowd compared to other times of the year.

  • Location: #1 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

  • *By Bus: *You can reach Audubon Aquarium by accessing Bus Lines 10 from 16 from South Claiborne, Tchoupitoulas, and 55 from Elysian Fields on the Canal Street Streetcar line and RTA’s Riverfront Streetcar Line.

  • By Ferry: You can reach Audubon Aquarium by Ferries Gretna and Algiers from the Canal Street Ferry Terminal at the foot of Canal Street. From the Airport: You can board Jet airport bus E2 downtown express from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in Kenner to reach Downtown in New Orleans on weekends. After reaching the last stop, you can board RTA's 39 Tulane bus. You can reach the Aquarium through the Canal Street Streetcar line

  • There is only one pathway to follow inside the venue.

  • The pathway is accessible to handicapped people.

  • You can get a wheelchair inside the venue free of charge, subject to capacity.

  • The aquarium doesn’t have its own parking but you can find them nearby.

  • Audubon Aquarium Tickets permit you to take photos and capture videos inside. You can even do flash photography.

  • It is strictly prohibited to bring outside food and beverages inside the aquarium.

  • You can’t smoke inside the aquarium as it is a smoke-free facility

  • Audubon offers sensory inclusion.

  • A facility for lost and found is available in the aquarium.

  • The entire area and all the exhibits of the aquarium are accessible with wheelchairs, and strollers.

  • The aquarium welcomes the handicapped and people with special abilities.

  • The guest courtesy room can be accessed by one family at a time.

  • Restrooms are accessible in the aquarium.

  • Guests with special abilities can bring service animals.

FAQ's of Audubon Aquarium

How do I purchase tickets online?

You can book Audubon Aquarium Tickets online from the website. The online booking system lets you choose your preferred date and provides you with loads of discounts. You can avail of concession on your tickets to explore the aquarium and remain within the budget at the same time.

How long do people spend at the Aquarium?

People typically spend around 1.5-2 hours at Audubon Aquarium.

Are there places to eat in the Aquarium?

Yes, there are many places in the Audubon Aquarium. The New Orleans aquarium tickets give you access to the aquarium food court. There you can try Papa John’s Pizza, Aqua Grill for fresh salads, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, and many more outlets are there for snacks, and full-course meals.

What is the best time to visit the Aquarium?

If you plan to buy Audubon Aquarium of the Americas tickets, you must go between September and January, on weekdays after 2:30 PM. This is due to lesser crowds during the low season and on weekdays compared to other times of the year, leading to a peaceful experience.

Is the Aquarium Accessible?

Yes, Audubon Aquarium is fully accessible to people with special abilities, reduced mobility, and handicapped, with assistance.

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